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To offer the best services to our partners we constantly gather- and use data to better understand the dynamics of the Chinese consumer and local market trends. Our sophisticated packaging and distribution center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, is equipped with the latest ERP software to ensure a smooth and fast order transmission and customs declaration. Our focus is on three product categories Cosmetics, Luxury goods, Baby & Health care products.

our expertise

what we do

We offer a wide range of services from an entire brand launch & build to a simple market research for a specific brand. We constantly gather data from many different sources and channels and use this data to understand the dynamics of the consumer and market place. Our rich experience in building brands in China together with working with European suppliers, our focus is on three product categories Cosmetics, Luxury goods, Baby & Health care products.

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NSR has many years' expercience working with European suppliers and succesfully building their brands in China. With three different routes to market we review and select which route is most suitable and in line with the objectives of the brand owner. We also have the possibility to do all three routes simultaneously to maximize market coverage and brand visibility.

Business-to-business serving all major E-commerce platforms in China.

Drop shipments from Europe directly to the Chinese consumer through cross border E-commerce.

Direct route for brand owner to Chinese consumer using our unique social commerce platform YIQIJU.com.

about YIQIJU.com

YIQIJU (in English we happy together) is a unique social commerce platform where Chinese brand ambassadors living in Europe can promote and sell European products to their friends & family in China. Trust, authenticity and transparancy are the key pillars of this platform. This app has been launched in april 2019 and the number of users is growing rapidly every month. This platform offers brands new entries to the chinese consumer and multiple possibilities to promote with their own content. The real time sales data gives usefull insights to gain knowledge about the end consumer for future brand building.

Want to find out how the We Happy Together app works?

Check out video below!

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what we do


Cosmetics is one of our fastest growing segments. Our focus is on high end skincare, make-up and fragrances. Based on the consumer insights identified by our sourcing team in China we are always looking for the most premium european brands and products. Also brands that tell a unique story or with a distinctive heritage, but always with a high level of quality and innovation.


what we do

gifts & accessories

A various assortment of premium luxurious gifts and accessories. Chinese consumers are always seeking on trend accessories like designer handbags, sunglasses or jewellery. Premium fashionable brands with high qualitative products that know how to make a statement.


what we do

baby & health

For newborns and little ones only the best is good enough. Trust in quality is key in this segment and the parents are seeking only authentic brands and the best quality products available in each category. Besides a large variety of early life nutrition brands and products we also offer a broad assortment of healthcare products.